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To be the most preferred partner for our valuable customers for all their online activities.



To become a one-stop destination for our customers, on the web, for their employment, shopping & entertainment needs - solutions delivered in a fast, efficient, trustworthy, transparent & ethical manner - in the country of Nepal.


We are glad to inform you that we have completed 5 year of By looking at the changes in preference and demand in the field of internet we have come up with major shopping, social network, jobs and entertainment site to fulfill needs of users which creates interest among every individual to log in to the site again & again. With the appreciation & good wishes from Institutions like Kathmandu Engineering College, Himalayan White House Int'l College, Apex College, IT Sky Computer Center, IESA & the importance of Internet in our daily life and also for the development of the country we have lunched for providing the users more features than any other websites.


Online shopping is considered to be a very helpful way of buying products through the internet especially during the holidays and clearance seasons. It allows customers to enjoy a wide variety of products and items not only from a specific store, but from a diverse storage that includes all kinds of items. Online shopping also provides customers with a good customer service that also occurs online.


Many people around the world prefer to shop online and buy products from several brands and companies that they cannot find or are not available for purchase in their home countries. Nowadays, and with the help of the new technology and the support of the internet, people from all around the world started to purchase items online by simply sitting in their homes.


Purchasing items and products through the Web is a very easy task to do. It is now playing a very important role in everybody’s life especially elderly people, as well as people with a very busy life schedule.  It provides a very comfortable service for its customers, by being able to save the item in the personal shopping bag, and buy it later on.