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Category Personal Care Appliances
Brand Others
Price Rs. 3000.00
Market Price Rs. 4000.00
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What causes undesired weight gain and obesity?

Irregular lifestyles, genetic predisposition, wrong food habits, irregular work hours, mental stress from work and fast life, junk food and most importantly lack of exercise are few major causes for obesity.
Body need to burn through physical activity most of the energy gathered from dietary intake after some of it is consumed to sustain the organic life. When body is not doing enough physical activity required to burn the extra carbohydrates we take, they turn into fat. The deposited fat grow further as we keep consuming more carbohydrates than needed and hardly put efforts to make these fat deposits turn into energy, which is a difficult process anyway as fat is the secondary source of energy and body fulfill most of its energy needs from carbs. So, the fat deposits continue to grow, giving body a bad shape, and further affecting all the other healthy organs.
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