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Category Personal Care Appliances
Brand Others
Price Rs. 1200.00
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Slimming Herb_ _Get your belly away this Herb is the most popular Slimming Tea in Thailand and Asia.

Function:  Slimming Herb is good for overweighted persons who do not want to control food consumption and can be taken by both male and female. It is a modern European formula prepared from traditional Asian ingredients in accordance with the latest scientific research.This tea is the beeline tip for all, who appetite to apart weight without alteration diet at once. This appropriate herbal tea with able laxative aftereffect leads to a noticable weight abridgement a few days.You will get a accustomed top affection product,that will advice you to accomplish your wishes.

Ingredient:Large flower 65%; Hawthorne 8%; Chamomile 4%; Radish 3%; Carmelia 3%; Steering bean 3%, Morning-glory 4%;

Package: 10 bags * 5 boxes * 6 boxes

Usage: Simply pour cold water over a tea bag of Sliming and let steep for about 30 minutes. First week, try only one dose one time daily before sleeping. (Bewares the first day or two of use, you will be cleaned out.) After that apply one dose two times daily to be taken in the morning and before sleeping.

Attention: Do not use boiling or hot water. Do not boil Sliming. Then sip the clear tea.

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